Recent Events: Disquieted

Disquieted, Portland Art Museum

Kurt's drawing for the "Disquieted" sign.

Disquieted @ The Portland Art Museum

The last decade has been marked by war, financial collapse, global terrorism and natural disasters. The Portland Art Museum’s Disquieted exhibit explores the ways contemporary artists have responded to such troubling times through their work. With 27 artists, the responses vary widely – from deeply sobering to light-hearted. For the opening ceremonies, Vibrant Table was challenged to create an event that incorporated both the theme of Disquieted and the broad range of perspectives within a package representing our signature, vibrant celebrations.

Creative Director Kurt Beadell and Decor Manager Page Winograd responded to the challenge with enthusiasm. Light, color and modern “refuse” became their mediums. (Don’t worry, spring blooms, your day in the sun will come.) Decor was scaled down, but by no means stark. Kurt chose fucshia as the dominant color because, “it possessed the shock value we were looking for.” Black velour was draped between The Fields Ballroom’s Doric columns to provide a darker, more modern canvas.

Shards of foamboard treated to look like industrial debris were hung in layers to create an 8-foot by 20-foot sign dominating the far wall of the ballroom. The exhibit’s name was then projected onto this backdrop, creating a fractured illusion that changed depending on where guests stood. A gobo of  scattered pins sprawled across the ceiling. Adding a bit of humor, Tim-Burton inspired genitalia – constructed of the disguised foamboard, saran wrap, newspaper and similar rubbish – guarded the hors d’oeuvre stations. Perched in a Juliette balcony, Gideon Freudmann Duo serenaded guests with an experimental jazz ranging from discordant to dreamy. The tables’ finishing touches included sleek purple carnation centerpieces and scattered LEDs casting an eerie glow.

THE VERDICT: Vibrant Table’s talented team developed a bold event design that both assaults and teases.

As always, an emphatic thank you to our vendors that have helped us put on another spectacular event: West Coast Drape, Hollywood Lights, Northwest Artist Management, Gideon Freudmann Duo, Evrim Icoz Photography and Ambient Sky.

Photo Gallery:

Photos by Evrim Icoz Photography.


~ by Faith on March 8, 2010.

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