Columbia Gorge Wedding & Event Venues

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Columbia Gorge Event Venues

Looking for a venue in the Columbia Rover Gorge for your wedding, retreat, or party? Vibrant Table explores what’s unique about five of our favorite event facilities ~ and what you need to know before booking.

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VT Feedback: Erica & Alen

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Vibrant Table Feedback

Erica and Alen recently tied the knot at the fabulous David Hill Winery. Vibrant Table provided floral, food, design consultation, and more. Here’s what she had to say… Continue reading ‘VT Feedback: Erica & Alen’

Vendor Profile: Eric Wright

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Eric Wright of All Wright Music DJs

Have YOU met Mister Wright??

We’ll keep this simple: when we want a party, we invite All Wright Music to keep things moving and shaking. Eric Wright (we like to call him Mister Wright) and his staff mix a seamless blend of music, suited perfectly to each client’s needs, so that from the first song to the last everyone is on the dance floor.

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Recipe Feature: Strawberry Almond Shortcake

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Strawberry Almond Shortcake Recipe

strawberry shortcake, recipe


The rural area where I grew up was rather unremarkable except for two features: the alligator farm off exit 15, where you could watch barrel-chested lads wrestle the angry lizards, and acres upon acres of lush strawberry fields. Diving into a giant bowl of freshly-picked berries smothered over buscuity shortcake and topped with heavenly whipped cream was one of my greatest childhood delights. Chef Steve Brockman helps me elevate that simple pleasure with a shortcake infused with almond and orange zest – just in time for another favorite childhood celebration marked by sparklers and exploding fireworks. Mmmmmm… I know what I’ll be feasting on this Independence Day.

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Tips and Tricks: Wedding Flowers

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Tips & Tricks: Wedding Flowers

When you get dressed in the morning, when you accessorize, when you define your space at the office, do you strive to make it “you”?  Chances are, you do.  There are some accoutrements you would never want to associate with your personal space, there are accessories you would never think to wear. And of course, there is that signature piece or color you can’t do without; all are elements of a style that is truly your own. You wouldn’t think of being someone who you aren’t, so why should your wedding be any different? Continue reading ‘Tips and Tricks: Wedding Flowers’

Venue Feature: Pure Space

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"Pure Space" "West Coast Event Production", "Jessica Hill", "wcep", "vibrant table

Venue Feature: Pure Space

Portland is buzzing about Pure Space, West Coast Event Production’s new event venue located in the Northwest industrial area.  A converted brewery, Pure Space provides a polished warehouse feel with contemporary, clean lines.  But it is by no means stark – on both the main floor and mezzanine, WCEP has arranged inviting lounge areas for guests. With access to WCEP’s massive inventory of decor and lighting equipment, you can create a signature look at a discounted price. Best of all are the two walls of MASSIVE 25-foot windows providing the allure of an outdoor celebration without the need for a back-up rain plan. Continue reading ‘Venue Feature: Pure Space’

Reviews & Feedback: Tricia @ Lan Su

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I cannot wait until photos Tricia’s wedding at Lan Su Chinese Garden are post-ready, but I can still share this effusive email Tricia sent Sales Manager/Event Coordinator Karen Rich. Vibrant Table provided catering, creative direction, floral and decor for this intimate wedding featuring a fusion of Pan-Asian cuisine and event design.

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