Vendor Profile: Eric Wright

Eric Wright of All Wright Music DJs

Have YOU met Mister Wright??

We’ll keep this simple: when we want a party, we invite All Wright Music to keep things moving and shaking. Eric Wright (we like to call him Mister Wright) and his staff mix a seamless blend of music, suited perfectly to each client’s needs, so that from the first song to the last everyone is on the dance floor.

VT: Why did you choose to get into this business? What was your first taste of what you do?

EW: I put myself through college as a radio DJ, loved it – then post college went through several areas of work and one day heard about a club DJ audition – I got it, spent 5 gloriously fun years there, then was invited to perform in Japan as a Club DJ for several years, then back home to Portland. One day shortly after I came back a NIKE rep asked if I would do their Christmas party and the rest is event history!

"Mister (Eric) Wright"

VT: How long have you had your company?

EW: I started All Wright Music in 1993 and my team and I have done over 3800 fabulous weddings and private events.

VT: What’s your favorite work-based story?

EW: Every year for the past 6 years I have done the Shriners Children’s Hospital Prom at OHSU.  I cannot tell you the pure joy I get from this event.  For 3 hours we have the best dance party and every guest is involved the whole night.  These kids are nothing short of inspiration and I LOVE spinning for them!

VT: What’s a good description of your dream client?

EW: If during the initial planning they say something like “we trust you are going to do a great job” well that is pure gold to me.  My team and I know what we are doing, love what we do and the entire goal is to create an amazing event for them and their guests.  Also if they have a good vision of what they do want we can help create that for them.

VT: Why is it important to hire a great DJ?

EW: You have ONE chance to create a fantastic reception…ONE time!.. there are no re-do’s!  Why would you skimp on a second rate DJ?  That person is the face and representative of your event and they need to be able to handle the announcing, watching the flow of the event, dealing with on the spot changes AND spin a fabulous dance party.  For these 4-6 hours of one of the biggest nights of your life why would you want anything less than the absolute best to handle it?!

VT: What if a client wants to see an example of your style before the event. How do you accommodate that request?

EW: This is exactly why I created our All Wright Music DVD which runs continuously on our website. We were one of the first companies to create a fully custom video.  It gives our philosophy of an event and also several examples.  One fun thing is that due to technology advances, we are starting to run video on our Facebook page the week after an event. I have a video from a mid June wedding this year which is off the chart fantastic.

Years ago I had to stop having clients come watch a  wedding event because it simply became out of control.  Imagine having strangers come to your wedding to watch a band or DJ?  I honestly felt uncomfortable asking bridal clients if people could come and watch at their wedding.  That’s why we have the DVD.

VT: What WON’T you do at an event?

EW: Well, you wont hear me singing along to the songs… but other than that I am not a ‘reception game kind of guy’. I totally understand if someone wants games at their reception, that’s great,  but it just isn’t what I am about.  I want the music to be the showcase.

VT: What’s your current favorite music to listen to?

EW: Currently I am into the latest mixes from the Hotel Costes series.  They are the best cocktail and dinner music.  I have all 12 in the series and they are beautifully crafted songs.  Off the dance floor in my car I like ambient/chill/lounge music from around the world.

VT: If you could take a month off and go anywhere, where would you go and why?

EW: Last year I took my first trip to Kona, Hawaii  – it renewed and recharged me.  A month spent bodysurfing, hiking and walking the beaches would be a complete dream come true.  Wanna go?

VT: Um YEAH! Anything else you would like clients to know about you?

EW: I invite your readers to watch Weddings Portland Style each Saturday at 9AM on KOIN Local 6.  I am the host of the show, it’s a great way to get planning tips each week.

For my DJ work, I simply want potential clients to know that when it comes to wedding receptions, it is about YOU (Brides and Grooms) and not me.  I want to custom create the best night possible for them, their friends and guests.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime night that I want them to fondly remember forever.

Follow Eric on Twitter, Facebook, or check out his website! Thanks, Eric!


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3 Responses to “Vendor Profile: Eric Wright”

  1. “VT: How long have you had your company?

    EW: I started All Wright Music in 1993 and my team and I have done over 3800 fabulous weddings and private events.”

    That would mean that Mr. Wright and “Team” have done a little over 223 events a year for the last 17 years. Which sounds completely far-fetched. Just saying. If it sounds not quite right, then it is probably not true. Which makes other statements suspect.


  2. Thank you for your comment- and thank you for your constructive criticism! Keep it coming!

  3. To happily respond: the only typo is that I started the company in 1990. To do the math: 3800 events divided by 20 years is 190 events per year. I myself average between 62-70 events a year (feel free to come over, I will show you my booking calendar), add in up to 6 full time Disc Jockeys and that adds up to 20 events per DJ, a conservative number to say the least. During the glorious economic heyday of a few years ago, our best year was around 275 events.
    I am sorry the anonymous responder cannot dream big. I know the owners of sevral DJ companies in town that easily do between 200-300 events each year!
    As to other suspect statements, hmm, dont know what he is referring to…I have 100’s of photos and video of me in Japan, I ADORE the Shriners, I have a Wedding DVD via website, and I still dont like to do games at weddings. Thank you!

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