Vibrant Challenge: Setting the Mood 2

event decor

Event Design: Setting the Mood 2

Not to brag or anything, but Vibrant Table is pretty darn good at creating event designs that support an event’s cohesive identity and achieve our client’s goals for their event, but we faced a unique challenge at The Portland Art Museum’s recent ‘Disquieted’ opening gala.

The Museum’s Disquieted exhibit explores the way contemporary artists react to a modern era marked by war, financial collapse, terrorism, and extreme natural disasters. As one would expect, the results vary widely — frequently dark and somber but also light-hearted and humorous. Creative Director and Event Coordinator, Kurt Beadell, needed to not only integrate the range of interpretations but also the creative qualities of an art exhibit, the welcoming gestures of an opening gala, and the celebratory mood of gathered Museum friends.

Video by Ambient Sky.

How he did it:

  1. To transform the Grecian-inspired Field’s Ballroom into a modern canvas, West Coast Drape hung black velour drape between the ballroom’s columns. The black expands the ballroom and creates mystery and depth.
  2. Columns were uplit in fuchsia, which became the dominant color for the event. Fuchsia, in Kurt’s words, “possessed the shock value we were looking for.” Against the dark backdrop, fuchsia stimulates and energizes. Along the ceiling, scattered ‘pins’ are projected using a texturized gobo.
  3. Vibrant Table created a sign to cover the back wall of the ballroom by treating pieces of foamboard to look like industrial debris. The pieces are then layered becoming jagged shards, giving a fractured, broken appearance.  The word “Disquieted” is projected onto the layered shards. Perspective plays with the sign’s light and textural elements. “Dsiquieted” is most easily read upon entering the room but becomes distorted as you move closer or at angles.
  4. Lounge areas are dispersed throughout the ballroom to encourage intimate gatherings.
  5. Further visual interest is added with sculptures of “Tim Burton inspired genitalia.” (I don’t see it. I think they look like Armageddon bugs. ~ Faith) The sculptures use the same industrializing technique as the Disquieted sign, but are double-sided and stuffed with plastic wrap, newspaper and other refuse. These are placed on hors d’oeuvre stations. Stark centerpieces of purple carnations and black vases top the scattered bistro tables.
  6. Gideon Freudmann Duet plays from a Juliette balcony overlooking the ballroom. Gideon’s unique style of cello-bop unexpectedly merges melody and discordance. His energy and style complement the nature of Disquieted perfectly, yetare not so overbearing that guests are discouraged from mingling. (Gideon’s music is featured in the video above.)
  7. People are drawn to light, and lighting is used to attract guests to key areas. The bar is placed below the large Disquieted sign and pin spotted in fuchsia as are the hors d’oeuvre stations and their sculptures and Gideon Freudmann Duet. Neon lights are dispersed around bistro tables and lounge areas. All other lighting is indirect and provided by the uplit columns, gobos, and Disquieted sign.

Visit our Photo Gallery to see more Vibrant Table event designs.


~ by Faith on April 22, 2010.

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