Kari Ramey, Zenith Vineyard

Kari Ramey, Zenith Vineyard

Kari Ramey, Zenith Vineyard

Our vendor spotlight this week is on the lovely Kari Ramey, co-owner of Zenith Vineyard in Salem, OR. Kari was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us about who she is and what she does.

Vibrant Table is proud to be the exclusive caterer at Zenith, and Kari and her husband Tim have created an events space that exudes elegance and charm (their wines are top-notch too!). Read more about Zenith Vineyard here!

Kari Ramey, Zenith VineyardVT: Tell us a little bit about where you are today and how you got here.

KR: What I’m doing now is an amalgam of 30 years of professional/non-profit experiences. Marketing and Sales, Commercial Property Management, Catering, Fund-Raising for nonprofit organizations, Interior Design and Landscape Design work. We purchased Zenith Vineyard 7 years ago and began the design and construction of the wedding and events facility 4 years ago.

VT:  Why did you choose your craft?

KR: I saw that a wedding and events facility here on our vineyard would provide a much needed “dedicated” venue for clients who want special events in a vineyard setting. Our facility would also provide a community “center point” which would further define the Eola Amity Hills as a destination location for winery visits and special events.

VT:  How did you get started?

KR: I did extensive visits in California Wine Country, Washington State and locally to study and get the feel of the competition. I also interviewed Wedding Planners and Caterers to learn the needs and desires of the industry from the “inside”.

VT: Has anything significant changed in your field?

KR: We are pretty new to see significant change.

VT: What/Who are your inspirations?

KR: Any venues who are booked solid a year in advance.

VT: What ideas, trends, ect. do you find exciting in the industry right now?

KR: I think the Event Planners, other Vendors and our Partners make this a really fun career!

VT:  How long have you been a member of Portland event community?

KR: Just in the last couple of years that we’ve been open.

VT: In your opinion, is there something that makes Portland a unique place for events?

KR: The Willamette Valley and Oregon are fast becoming a destination location for multi-layered tourism and winery/vineyard weddings. We are, in Oregon, the least expensive of all vineyard event locations!

VT: What is your favorite event venue?

KR: Ahh…that would be Zenith Vineyard!

Zenith Vineyard, David Barss

by Photographer David Barss

VT: Do you have an event horror story?

KR: Yes, that would be the clients who booked one of our prime summer dates then announced 1 month out from their wedding that they could not pay for their event.

VT: Do you have a professional pet peeve?

KR: Only vendors who are new to my venue and don’t check in with us or check our policies before they arrive. (this has only happened a couple of times). Vendors have also been the source for some terrific referrals and have helped make Zenith Vineyard “shine” as an outstanding wedding/events facility. So way more compliments than complaints!

VT: Where do you see yourself in five years?

KR: Fully Booked!!

VT: Thanks, Kari!!!!


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