New VT Sales Staff

Vibrant Table Staff, Matt Brodeur, Emily Michel, Stefan Hollands

New VT Sales Staff

Vibrant Table welcomes three additions to the Vibrant Table Sales Team: Stefan Hollands, Emily Michel, and Matt Brodeur. Each brings unique experience and we look forward to their valuable contributions to make Vibrant Table even better!

Stefan Hollands

Our newest Event Coordinator, Stefan hails from England and comes armed with a degree in Marketing and over 10 years in the event industry with experience in Texas, Arizona and the Oregon Coast. His strong knowledge of venue management will provide useful insight at Vibrant Table.

Emily Michel

Some of you may be familiar with Emily already. The impeccably stylish Emily recently transplanted from San Francisco and joined Vibrant Table in the fall. She has worked in special events for over 5 years and specializes in “green” events. From catering, to floral, to overall planning perspectives, Emily can help you (and Vibrant Table) reduce an event’s carbon footprint.

Matt Brodeur

Matt provides valuable insight into the hands-on operations of producing events. A Vibrant Table Event Manager since 2007, he possesses an intimate knowledge of Portland venues. Matt is originally a Nevada native and has 10 years service-industry experience in California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon – and a BA in Journalism.

Did you hear that Vibrant Table recently joined Portland Composts? We now compost food and organic floral scraps.  Learn more about our Sustainable Policies on our website.


~ by Faith on April 13, 2010.

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