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Bridal Shower @ The Loft

This email to our Sales Manager, Karen Rich, is so sweet that we just have to share.

The Loft: Urban Sensibilities. Decadent Comfort. Nestled in Southeast

Hi Karen,

The bridal shower held on March 6th at The Loft was simply fabulous! Let’s start with the food. The appetizers were amazing. The brie en croute platter was especially beautiful with the fresh strawberries, and I think that platter was completely empty by the end of the meal. Jessica mentioned that she has seen guests not really know how to go about eating it, thus leaving it untouched. No problem there! The crab/asparagus tian is also especially good. Loved that.

The main meal was unbelievable. So delicious. Not kidding. My guests were absolutely raving about the food the entire time. The tenderloin tips & portabella mushrooms with the garlic mashed potatoes. Good Lord. Soooo good. I will be ordering that again. Period.

The lime grilled salmon was good for those who preferred fish to red meat, but I think the beef was the star of the day.

The roasted veggies and the Willamette salad also good. Yum.

The red velvet cupcakes from Cupcake Jones were the best I’ve had in town. You know your food, girl!

My biggest thanks to you, Karen, for arranging all the details for me. You didn’t even bat an eye when I changed up the menu on you the week of the event. Thank you! The staff was incredible to work with, as usual. Jessica worked this event and was impeccable and wonderful to work with. I most appreciated her friendly and capable demeanor. She is solid, in the most complimentary way!

Another thank you for the beautiful floral arrangements and vases. The flowers and the colors were spot on, and it was nice taking them home to enjoy.

Mostly, I appreciate the opportunity to do business with a company and people that I feel good about. It is always my greatest pleasure doing business with you and the folks at Vibrant Table. I look forward to more good times in the future!


Lorri VanDomelen


~ by Faith on March 16, 2010.

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