Brunch Wedding Receptions 3

Brunch Wedding Receptions

You’re considering an early reception for your wedding or celebration but can’t quite envision how you’ll make it work. Vibrant Table has compiled a few scenarios to help you find the brunch with a Goldilocks fit. From menu to theme, decor to entertainment, we’ve thought it all out for you.

We’re with you. Your guests’ enjoyment is the utmost priority. You want a menu that everyone will love, but Ana is vegan, Carl is a carnivore & Uncle Bill is diabetic. The solution? Let guests create their own menus with to-order stations: omelettes, crepes (sweet + savory), smoothies, Italian sodas, and/or espresso. Even better, disperse stations around the room to get your guests mingling. Any theme will integrate well, but we especially love a retro vibe with unapologetic hues. Imagine centerpieces of eclectic vintage tins stuffed with bright blooms or kitschy garden gnomes & porcelain knick-knacks. Give each food station a fun name & coordinated DIY sign. Customized crosswords printed on authentic newspaper completes the Sunday morning feel.

A cool cat looking to represent with contemporary comfort. We imagine urban clean with a heavy dose of Southern hospitality. The fare is familiar but not overbearing: mini french toast topped with peach preserves, bite-size spinach quiche, smoked salmon on a potato cake, classic benedict a la petite, deviled eggs. You get the picture. Karaoke streams; bloody-marys flow.  Nothing foofy on the decor. Set the mood with lounge seating. Go structural with geographic shapes, such as modern square dinnerware, clustered bamboo and asparagus in cube vases, or succulents in glass globes.

You have sophisticated tastes and require a high-styled affair that pampers. How about a garden-style reception in the vein of Great Gatsby? Set the mood with passed appetizers of tea sandwiches, English cucumbers with smoked trout mousse & plenty of mimosas. For the main course, grilled salmon or crab cakes & citrus asparagus. Lighten it up with a few rounds of croquet & badminton. Go lush on the flowers, dahling. On the tables, gilded towers stuffed with tulips, hydrangea, roses & lilies or a scattering of teapots and cups in mixed patterns, each holding a surprising array of colorful blossoms. Fill the corners with potted palms and braided ficus.

On spring hikes, you whisper the name of passing wild flowers & your favorite mushroom spots are marked on a map in your glove box. We’ve got you covered with a scramble of wild mushrooms & leeks, sweet potato hash, thick slabs of Carlton Farms pepper bacon, fresh berry parfait & hearty whole-grain bread. Scatter loose arrangements of seasonal blooms garnished with tall grasses, pussy willow & cat tails. Perhaps a burlap runner and twine-wrapped linen napkins set the stage. Get your guests exploring with a scavenger hunt, dispersing clues of newlyweds’ history and interests throughout the event facility.

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~ by Faith on March 12, 2010.

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