Brunch Wedding Receptions 1

Brunch Wedding, North Star Ballroom

Carol & Jim @ North Star Ballroom

Breakfast wedding receptions are a hot trend right now. They are intimate and relaxed, perfectly adapted to a recession’s toned down approach to the big day. Our friends Carol Hickman’s & Jim Staicoff’s brunch reception was recently featured in The Oregonian’s Bride Guide, a special print just in time for the PDX Bridal Show.

Carol selected a comforting yet refined menu showcasing Northwest flavors and vendors: scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms, spinach, leeks and feta; Carlton Farms pepper bacon; roasted red potatoes; peaches and blueberries; Stumptown coffee; Acme doughnuts; and a wedding cake by Baker & Spice. Her venue, the Northstar Ballroom, positively glowed as the morning light streamed through tall windows – as Sherri Diteman’s beautiful photos demonstrate. Goes to show that casual and familiar does not require a sacrifice of elegance.

Want to see more? Check out Susan G. Hauser’s article “Doughnuts & Dreams”.

Photos by Sherri Diteman.


~ by Faith on February 4, 2010.

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  1. Seriously I can’t stand how cute this idea is! I love it!

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