Tricks of the Trade: Flips

Rooms with a Flip

Tricks of the Trade – Room Flips

‘Flip’: Event industry term describing when a room is completely transformed between stages of an event, such as from a wedding ceremony to a dinner reception. Flips require planning and teamwork to ensure the event flows smoothly.

Here are some of our top tips to managing successful room flips.
  1. Take advantage of the flip to create a more dynamic event experience. Use lighting, drapery and decor changes to make guests feel they are entering an entirely new venue.
  2. Plan for guest comfort. How obtrusive will the flip be? Can the room be curtained off to hide bustling event staff? Will the noise travel? Is there a nearby room or terrace where they can wait?
  3. Flips can take up to an hour. What are your guests going to do while the event staff turns over the room? Guests are often treated with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. But what about a fun photolounge like Studio-98, a wine tasting, or a gallery viewing if you are near a museum? Be creative!
  4. Some vendors and equipment need to be in place before the flip. The DJ or band, for example, should be ready to go. Nor is it time to set up a dance floor. Coordinate load in times and floorplans to accomodate these vendors and any pre-set equipment.
  5. To expedite a flip, we can set up the tables before the ceremony and have them waiting nearby. Budgeting for pipe and drape allows the design team to carefully obscure these tables and other unsightlies.
  6. Additional staffing may be required to transition smoothly and seamlessly, particularly if there are also passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails during the flip. When shopping for a caterer, be sure your quotes include the extra staffing to avoid any surprises. (Vibrant Table’s proposals include these and other oft hidden charges, such as gratuity.)

Photo by Peter Paul Rubens.


~ by Faith on November 19, 2009.

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