Video: The Transformation of a Ballroom

Transformation of a Ballroom Header

Video – Transformation of a Ballroom

The metamorphasis of an event facility is one of the most fascinating stages of any event production. Vibrant Table Catering is proud to release our time-release video for the China Design Now Patron’s Gala at The Portland Art Museum. It took two days to transform the Kridel Grand Ballroom from flavors of the ancient Middle-East into a modern China with glowing neon and saturated hues.

Videographer: Ambient Sky Studios

Fun Facts

  1. Vibrant Table Decor Manager, Page Winograd, wanted to use flowers and materials that are viewed as “common”, such as carnations and newspaper, and present them in an extraordinary way.
  2. There were 50 neon tubes in the custom ‘chandelier’, 120 lanterns in the lantern display and 150 carnations in each flower ball.
  3. Each Chinese newspaper orb took six hours to make. The Portland Chinese Times was kind enough to donate all of the newspaper.


~ by Faith on November 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Video: The Transformation of a Ballroom”

  1. That is amazing!! The end result is so beautiful. WOW!

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  3. […] can completely change the nature of a venue. Need proof? Watch Portland Art Museum’s Grand Ballroom transform from earthy Saharan to modern Chinese or the Fields Ballroom from Grecian to futuristic […]

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